Should I Have a Teacher Instagram Page?

Yes!! Get started in 5 minutes!

So you’ve connected with teachers on TPT, Facebook, at school, and at district meetings… but have you connected on Instagram?

You may ask, “Why tho???”

Honestly, the IG community is unlike any other I have encountered in the 10 years I’ve been a teacher. And now that I am exclusively teaching online, it is the community I have needed.

So if you’re ready to get your teacher IG page started, here are 5 easy steps to get you going!

1. Come on!


Just get started. I mean, I know it can seem daunting. This is for your business, your classroom, perhaps your shop. You might have a crap ton of questions before you begin, like,

– “What is my handle going to be?”
(Don’t sweat this too much. You can always change it.)
– “What aesthetic should I be going for?”
– “How will I keep up with all the social media?”
_ “But I’m connected on other forms of social media. Why add another?”

Listen, not everything is for everyone. But hear me out: I have found real friends over the internet, and it’s all because of my teacher Instagram. I don’t know many people who would print out a picture of my face, and take it around all weekend to our conference, VIPKid Journey, and tag me in all the photos, like I was actually there! I love these people, and I message them every single day.
So if you’re looking for people who will get what you’re going through, people you can vent to, a safe space to ask questions, a place to share your tips and tricks, Instagram is the community you’re looking for!
Pick a name. Upload a profile picture. Make a post. Come on! Start today!

2. Consistency.

Decide on what is going to work best for you. Don’t feel pressure to try to be an influencer, unless that’s your goal. But definitely dig in for the long run. Instagram may not be a daily thing for you – so post every other day. Or post once a week, and story every other day. There are amazing ways to connect with people, and we all have our own rhythms.
My biggest tip here is not only to consistently post/utilize IG stories, but it is also to set realistic boundaries for yourself. Once you get a taste of the community there, it can be really easy to want to be on IG all day long! Set a few times you will engage with the community, and then close the app until next time.
Stay tuned for a post/video regarding this very topic!

3. Connect.

I said this above – don’t create pressure for yourself by trying to be an influencer. It’s trendy and all, but teachers, of all people I know, can spot a phony. So be yourself. And be a friend. Create posts that you value! And even if someone else has something similar – or even exactly the same, the value is different because it’s YOU!
You might wonder how you’ll find your IG tribe… do a few searches, follow the accounts you like, and connect by commenting, sharing, and tagging people! One thing I love about the online teacher community is that several of us are committed to hosting IG Lives each week. It’s a fabulous way to get connected with one another, and get to know others in their lives/teaching styles/sense of humor/etc.

* * Don’t worry about followers. * *

So how should you go about finding people?
Follow other teachers! Honestly, I suggest following everyone that sparks your interest, and follow people back when they find your account! It bumps your handle in other people’s suggested accounts.
Join a Follow Loop or Giveaway. You can find (or even start!) teacher follow loops to get connected. It’s so fun, and adds a ton of variety to your feed. Giveaways are awesome because you might win something while connecting with others!
Be Engaged. Decide to intentionally connect with people you follow. Whatever content you appreciate or like – hit the like button, comment, share (use the little airplane button), and

4. Create.

Decide on what you want to share. And stick to that!
I’m not trying to put you in a box. Honestly, creating a teacher IG is enough of a niche, that it will draw you to others (and others to you) because of what you have to share! But we all have so many interests that it can be easy to have a mish-mash of content on your feed. But if you’re reading this post, it’s because you are considering starting an IG account for teaching. For some reason, you decided that it would be wise to connect with other teachers, via a different account than your main account. It’s kind of like having a personal email, and a work email, right? Or maybe you were feeling like the people you’ve connected with on your main IG account don’t want to be inundated with all of your educator posts… whatever the reason, I am sure it’s a great one! So see it through!

5. Collaborate.

This is my favorite tip. Reaching out to other teachers (or anyone, really!) to work together to create content is one of my favorite things to do. This is unique to the Instagram community because of the format of this particular app. I have met so many teachers who are now good friends through collaboration – whether I worked with them, or they are working alongside other teachers I follow. It’s a beautiful thing because you’ll be invited to join forces with some pretty amazing people – because YOU’RE amazing! And don’t underestimate the power of extending an invitation to someone. If you want to collab with someone, do not hesitate to reach out. You might be the very person they’ve been hoping to work with! And more often than not, you will gain a really good friend after working together.

Alright, teacher fam, are you ready?

Head over to Instagram and get started! And don’t forget to find me: @teach.marilynbstyle

Let me know what questions you have – message me, leave a comment – I love connecting with other teachers. There is so much knowledge, joy, sympathy, and so many true friendships just waiting to be shared with YOU! See you on the gram, fam.


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